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Precaution is easier and cheaper than treatment.

In the mid-90s the technology revolution ensured the creation of IT departments and this departments has begun to dominate other departments with the progress of the technology and the increase in the amount of archived data.

Effective use of technology and making the archived data useful information, generating accurate reports can be a significant contribution to the advantage of competition and profitability.

Dataera is considering these factors that established by a team which mostly support both local and foreign telecommunication and finance firms.

We have an expert team which has both field experience and official certification in the database administration, maintenance and consultancy, Linux, Unix,data mining, data processing / data transfer, data migration, data protection, data security and backup solutions.

Dataera acts with the awareness that precaution is easier and cheaper than treatment.

About us:

Dataera Database Platform (DDP) ensures that your critical data is secure, performance is high, and always accessible.

With DDP’s user-friendly web interface, you can:

– Monitor your databases

– Manage your databases

– Backup your databases

– Create secondary (standby) databases

– Create data mining environments

– Perform migration processes

DDP is based on PostgreSQL, which is known for its power and stability. This allows you to benefit from both the advantages of PostgreSQL and the reliability and comfort of enterprise support.

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