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The companies, which operate in the countries where GDPR laws are applied, are obliged to secure their data and report the access records. Meaning that, you have to keep record of who accessed which data and in doing that giving access to the data that each employee needs to operate and avoid access to the data which they don’t need to.
Similarly, the access to internet must be under record and who accessed what and when must be reportable anytime.

We can group the software necessary to do all of these (some listed below) into two groups:
1. The software which can be used at a cost of licensing
2. The software which doesn’t require any license cost, open source software

We, the Dataera Team, can provide solutions with the open source software which has no cost of licensing.

  • ID authentication
  • Authority verification
  • Authority matrix
  • Access logs
  • Network security
  • Log registries
  • Log analysis
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