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We provide consulting, training maintenance and outsourcing services in Oracle database disaster recovery solutio (DR) Data Guard, high availability solution Real application Cluster and maximum availability architecture which consists of both dataguard and real application cluster.

Oracle Data Guard

Actually Data Guard is a disaster recovery solution that can be located at the same or different locations. It ensures high availability, data protection as well. In this structure, you can have 1 primary and up to 30 standby database servers. If you have active data guard license you can open standby database read only mode.
In case of disaster you can activate your passive database and continue to work within 5-10 minutes without job loss.
You can only use it if you have enterprise license otherwise we need use 3rd party solutions such as DBvisit solutions.

Oracle Real Application Cluster

All nodes are active in Oracle’s cluster solution. Applications or users can connect to any of them. Which servers the users will connect to can be determined by the services. If there is a problem with the connected nod, they can continue to work by connecting to one of the other nods without job loss. We recommend that for critical businesses.

Oracle Max. Availability Architecture

In this Maximum Availability Architecture, the above mentioned RAC and Data Guard are used together. We recommend for very critical businesses.

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