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It is one of the most powerful database systems with open source code and over 40 years of history. PostgreSQL has several high availability and disaster recovery centre solutions that come with built-in and commercial versions.
For these solutions, different methods are used such as shared disk architecture, sending transaction logs to passive servers and sending sql expressions to passive nodes.
Below you can find a list of these solutions. Depending on your business needs and cost advantages, we can implement correct method to your environment.
  • Shared Disk Failover,
  • File System (Block Device) Replication,
  • Write-Ahead Log Shipping,
  • Logical Replication,
  • Trigger-Based Master-Standby Replication,
  • Statement-Based Replication Middleware,
  • Asynchronous Multimaster Replication,
  • Synchronous Multimaster Replication,
  • and commercial solutions (EnterPrise DB).
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